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Our founder and Managing Director, Diana Banks has supported BTRC since it started in 2004. There have been many opportunities to engage and support BTRC, be-it financial donations or supporting events and prizes throughout the year.

Please do contact Maven hc if you are interested in donating prizes for Annual Events, or carrying out a fund raising initiative. We ensure that as an organisation you maximise value of your donation by reaching the right audience.

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40 years of age – they are also the fastest growing cancer among the elderly population, and have one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers. And yet less than 1% of national cancer funding is spent on brain tumour research.  Furthermore as research is successful in treating other cancers, brain tumours are on the increase, as the cancer spreads to the brain where it cannot be cured or successfully treated.

Brain tumours are devastating for the patient, the family, friends and carers – they affect people of any age, culture or creed. They cause personality changes and severe loss of quality of life – and since we do not know what causes them, we cannot take any lifestyle measures to prevent them.

The Brain Tumour Research Campaign was started in 2004 by Wendy Fulcher who lost her husband John to a brain tumour. John and Wendy jointly owned Spectra, one of the UK’s leading Destination Management Companies, and the campaign has received the support of the travel and corporate hospitality industry – in 2017 Wendy was honoured with the “Meeting & Incentive Travel industry Personality of the Year” award in recognition of her fundraising efforts.

Together with her husband’s neurosurgeon, Mr Kevin O’Neill, she determined to redress this unfair imbalance in research funding. Their vision is to raise awareness among government, national cancer charities, and the general public of the desperate need for more research into the causes of brain tumours, and find new treatments for this devastating disease.

Through her fundraising campaign, she has raised over £2.5 million since 2004, and has pledged that every penny of the funds donated goes directly towards the research that is funded at Imperial College London.  

For further information about our campaign please contact

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