Maven hc is a strategic consultancy specialising in the hospitality industry focusing on COMMERCIAL STRATEGY THROUGH BranD, Communications, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Revenue Management, ASSET DEVELOPMENT, Concept and Design.

WE HELP investors, companies AND senior leaders around the globe to achieve greater success.


Our Mission

We provide a full range of hospitality services, by uniting industry experts from around the world. Whether you require one or all of our services, we build a relevant and specialised team of expert consultants to deliver your specific requirements.

Brand strategy

When your brand promise and customer experience are inextricably linked, the rewards to business are clearly measureable.

Brands set expectations which help shape behaviour and create enduring emotional connections with customers. By aligning the total consumer experience through Communications, Behaviour and Culture, The Environment and all the Products and Services, your success in engaging with the customer is greater.

We focus on the commercial strategy to create and capture, what is, and can be, unique about the product or service, define those differences, communicate them, embed them in the organisation and help maintain consistency.

  • We define the positioning, standards and help you foster brand compliance across the business.
  • We design the expression and delivery and measure it against agreed KPI's.
  •  We ensure The Brand is achieving maximum value to all stakeholders.


Sales Strategy 

A measured and rewarded Sales Force is the most successful.  It is important to build a sales culture that understands the needs of the customer with clear expectations on their roles and responsibility.

  • We develop a sales strategy around data driven analysis; the market, the geographical opportunities, distribution.
  • Identify the market and ensure that clear goals and targets are set.
  • We provide motivational sales training that will drive measurable results.
  • Support Sales Leadership to Manage a winning team.
  • Create an effective Sales Performance Management process.
  • We carry out a complete sales audit


Revenue Management 

Revenue management helps to predict consumer demand to optimize inventory and price availability in order to maximize revenue growth. 

  • We develop a strategy to build a profitable direct distribution strategy.
  • We evaluate the pricing strategy. 
  • Train and guide all departments  generating to be commercially aware.
  • Assist your organisation to optimise profitability.



Working very closely with independent hotels and branded hotel chains we develop a sound relationship with the management teams, building trust and understanding.  We find ways to get the management team to perform better for investors.  

  •  Developing a thorough understanding and relationship with the operator we help change behaviours for greater success.
  • Monthly reviews focusing on key areas of performance improvement. Clear reporting with detailed suggestions for future success.
  • We evaluate all capex requests prior to submission to owners to ensure all appropriate ROI scenarios have been applied.
  • Annual Budget reviews are worked through before submission to owners. 
  • Operator Search and Selection
  •  Review Operator Management Agreements, ensure that future proofing is built into the agreement.


Consumers today are spoilt for choice, they are knowledgeable, well-travelled and discerning, making it critical to ensure that marketing speaks their language.

  • We ensure that the articulation of the brand is expressed in all areas of marketing, be it;  Visual, Tone of Voice, Online, Offline, all Advertising and Communications.
  • Create campaigns that are relevant and measureable by understanding the analysis of the customers and what their buying motivations are.
  • Develop a focused digital campaign that aligns with consumer’s interests
  •  Set clear standards and perametres for a social media strategy
  • Create guidelines for all aspects of collateral and products to align the quality and drive consistency.
  • Assist with Agency Briefs and selection.
  • We can carry out a Marketing Audit



The amount of communication customers face on a daily basis is overwhelming.  Your language, message and visual expression needs to be clear and understandable.  The consumer can detect insincerity, so authentic messaging is key.

  •  We will support the organisation in developing an internal communication plan that is aligned with the Vision, Mission and Strategy. 
  • We will develop a clear tone of voice and set communication standards.
  • Develop a strategic plan  for communications, press and PR.
  •  Assist in identifying appropriate partnerships.
  •  Identify the key geographical feeder markets to ensure exposure is targeted, relevant and focused. 
  • Assist in writing a PR briefs.
  •  Advise on a photographic brief to align the visual expression with the positioning, particularly for brand building.


Concept Design

Aligning all concepts and design with the positioning helps the consumer engage and understand the brand through the total experience.  The world is filled with commoditisation when in fact the consumer seeks a more personal experience.

  • We can help develop design concept briefs to enhance the brand experience.
  • Analise what currently is offered.
  • Research for future proofing.
  • Deliver a design brief and template for food and beverage outlets.
  • Source design pieces or trades to deliver  the vision.
  • Project manage the build of concepts through to completion.
  • Train staff to deliver on the vision, through culture and language.